Specialisations in the hospitality industry


Ever dreamed of becoming an award-winning chef? A hotel manager? The host of a themed restaurant? The hospitality sector is one of the largest providers of job opportunities in the world.
Many people associate jobs in hospitality with flipping burger patties in greasy kitchens, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! There are various exciting career opportunities available within the hospitality industry which teach a wide range of skills. Furthermore, hospitality careers in the food, beverage, tourism and accommodation sectors can be fun, glamorous and challenging! One of the most advantageous aspects of choosing a career in hospitality is its worldwide appeal. Jobs in restaurants and service-based food and beverage roles are easily obtainable internationally for those who wish to travel and work simultaneously. In this article, we explore some of the most appealing careers in hospitality and how to gain qualifications to pursue them.


There’s a lot more to event planning than colour swatches, confetti and seating charts, though these certainly are a large part of it! Event planning for a hotel is an exciting opportunity which requires the individual to work with a vast range of other professional departments within the company. You’ll be liaising with the head of marketing, the floor manager of the restaurant, the general manager and a huge variety of contractors. The role requires someone who is extremely organised, and very good at juggling several balls at once! A hotel event planner needs a certain amount of creativity and ingenuity when it comes to throwing entertaining events for guests. The goal is to bring to fruition parties, dinners and shows that keep guests coming back and dishing out recommendations filled with praise for the hotel.


Do you love a themed dinner party? Enjoy creating animals out of towels? Aren’t adverse to walking around on stilts? The role of a cruise ship host or hostess is a varied one! The best part? You get to travel to amazing places and get paid to do so! Working on a cruise ship has many other benefits too. It will usually lead to a close-knit team of professionals which turn out to be lifelong friends, and take you places you would never have been able to reach otherwise. Cruise ships require various hospitality professionals including chefs, kitchen assistants, room attendants, bar staff, waiters and entertainers. So it’s perfect for individuals with service experience and varied skills, with a thirst for exploration. Just be warned: people prone to seasickness had better steer well clear. You’ll need a decent pair of sea legs for this job!


A pastry chef is one of the most coveted positions for anyone who is passionate about baking and who has a serious sweet tooth. A pastry chef specialises in everything sugary; from delicate desserts to stunning wedding cakes. The work of a pastry chef is often intricate and can require extreme patience. Pastry chefs can work for large restaurants and catering companies or independent dessert bars, bakeries and shop fronts.


A mixologist is often a fancy name for a bartender who specialises in creating decadent, high-end cocktails. Many of the world’s top cocktail bars refer to their staff as seasoned mixologists, apt in the skill of combining unlikely ingredients to present a drink rich in flavour, texture and experience. But a mixologist doesn’t have to be a bartender if they work for an exclusive institution. They may come up with the cocktail recipes that the bar staff then create for their guests. Mixologists need a flair for the innovative and a natural ability to experiment and take risks in order to design titillating new drinks.


Baristas are so commonplace these days that you may think it’s a bit of a boring option for a career in hospitality. But excellent baristas can be few and far between, and cafes serious about their coffee will covet a barista who can work efficiently without sacrificing quality. In fact, high volume cafes with a focus on regular clientele will pay a pretty penny to keep a good barista. Making top notch coffee is also a fantastic skill for those hoping to pursue a travelling holiday. People of all nationalities love a good caffeine hit!


Do you want to specialise in a particular area of hospitality? The best place to start is with a Certificate II or Certificate III in hospitality. It will give you a broad overview of the industry and teach you skills that will become the foundation of your career. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can then move onto specialised certifications such as a Certificate III in catering operations, and build up your experience to land that dream job!