Multimedia training in the classroom



Steve Lewis is the “Director of Multimedia” at All Saints Anglican School at Merrimac on the Gold Coast.  All Saints has been teaching since 1987 and caters to all ranges of academic and vocational aspirations and currently has 1800 students. The school also provides opportunities to international students to study and transition into Australian culture.

The School aims to create a happy, creative environment for all of their students. “We try to provide a lot of opportunities for students to showcase their work, both in and outside of the school,” said Steve.  Each year the school holds film competitions for their students to display their work on the big screen at Event Cinemas Robina. Steve has had many of his class express their excitement at having their work appear on the “Silver Screen”.

Steve and The School have been working with Work Skills to help provide the best possible training for students to achieve their Certificate III in Screen and Media.  “Work Skills has been easy to communicate with and has provided a comprehensive solution in terms of the trainers they have offered us,” Steve said. “Their trainers are experienced in their industry and it’s all backed up with a great online learning system.” Steve went on to talk about Work Skills online learning platform – WOLAS Revolution. “The clarity of online learning has been a good fit with the technology-based subject and stands out as a modern solution for training.”

Steve continued to say that one of the things he loved most about the training was it’s realistic expectations, diversity of material and its relevance to the field.  “Work Skills has really worked their system into the way we work here at All Saints. I was extremely impressed with how flexible they have been.” Steve said. “I would highly recommend Work Skills. We love WOLAS and want to use it more!”