In-house hands on training


Sometimes in the modern world of knife-less kitchens and premade sauce packets, it can be difficult for the new generation of apprentices to get the practical experience they need to thrive. For that reason, Work Skills hosted our first hands-on training class in our restaurant grade kitchen facilities on Friday the 2nd of November.


Hospitality trainer Logan Groucott conducted the event as apprentices were trained in creating and cooking puff pastries, sweet pastries, pizza bases and Choux pastry from scratch. With all materials and utensils being provided, students had the whole time to focus on what our trainer was demonstrating and creating the dishes themselves. Logan was there every step of the way to ensure that our students were learning the right habits and techniques required to create fantastic food.
Students from various progression stages in their qualifications had the opportunity to network and share their apprenticeship experiences. Amongst themselves, students were able to chat about how their time in the workplace had benefited them, and what they had been learning. It was a valuable experience to hear just how much hospitality practices can differ between businesses!
Additionally, students had the ability to record and photograph their creations to upload to their Work Skills portfolio – effectively fulfilling requirements for units of their qualifications. A fantastic opportunity to fast-track their learning!


Work Skills has big plans for the new year and are planning to continue hands-on training courses to ensure that our students are able to complete their units of competency no matter what kind of workplace they are at. The previous event was open to all hospitality apprentices we train, and future ones will be just as accessible. All students were required to bring was whatever cooking outfit and apron they used regularly in their workplaces. Signing up is as simple as joining the event on our Facebook page.
If this is the level of support and hands-on training you expect from your apprenticeship, get in touch with Work Skills today on 1300 360 567 or contact us online.