Responsible Service of Alcohol The Work Skills Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) online course has been designed so it's easy to use, giving you step by step instructions, video and content, so you can complete at a leisure and a pace that suits you. We have a unique feature which allows you to ask questions at any time, so if you get stuck we're here to help you, or you can call us on 1300360567

Work Skills believes that learning is the most important aspect of any course, so we’ve designed our RSA course in such a way that you can access all of the learning for free, and only pay a $25 fee if you require formal assessment to obtain the Statement of Attainment.

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RSA Online

Australia has laws in place around the service of alcohol, so if you decide to work in a position that requires you to serve alcohol, it is compulsory to hold a current, accredited Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Statement of Attainment. Why? To protect you as an employee, your customers and your employer. Responsible Service of Alcohol is exactly what is says, it requires that you and your workplace ensure the wellbeing of your customers. Each State and Territory have their own rules around how you can obtain your certification, and most now allow you to do the RSA course online. This means that you can now complete your RSA online. To view details about specific RSA Online Courses please select your location or the location you plan to work in. Keep in mind different rules and conditions apply from one State or Territory to another.

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If you require the RSA Statement of Attainment, submit your answers for marking and follow the prompts to pay the course fee of $25.00. Once the marking process is complete and all of the assessment items are marked correct Work Skills will issue a Statement of Attainment, it really is that easy.

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When creating our RSA course we found that there were a number of providers that have pages and pages of words to read that we believe just confused and scared those that just wanted to get their accredited RSA.

Work Skills understands this is all about you getting what you need, so that you can just get on with the job.

Our commitment to you is that we will do everything we can to support you in getting what you need.