Which career in the hospitality industry is right for you?


Have you ever thought of tackling the hospitality industry as a career? Being the largest and one of the most dynamic industries, the world of hospitality can offer an extensive range of opportunities to anyone and everyone – no matter your age, gender, qualifications or experience. If you’re someone who loves to travel and experience new cultures, hospitality is an international industry which will allow you to travel the world and the many cultures, languages and iconic landmarks it holds.

But if you thought a career in hospitality was limited to restaurants, cafes, bars, and hotels, you would be wrong! There are a number of settings in the hospitality industry. From restaurants, clubs, pubs, and cafes to hotels, motels, casinos, and cruise lines – you could work in any job you like. That’s why the hospitality industry is so great. But the big question is, what career in the hospitality industry is right for you? 

To give you a little more insight on what hospitality career may be the perfect fit for you, we have listed a number of hospitality specialisations that you may or may not have known you ever wanted as a career.


Chef: Everyone loves food! Being a chef can be so rewarding when you amaze people day-by-day with great delicious food. Bring your career to the boil and julienne your way into becoming a great Sous Chef or even an Executive Chef. If you’re not into late nights or early mornings, a career as a chef will not be your cup of tea.



Barista: If you like brightening the day of a stranger, a career with coffee is a great choice. A barista career is another one for any social butterfly who has a passion for coffee. You are able to meet and connect with so many people daily and turn their grumpy souls into happy ones after that have had their daily caffeine hit. Although, being a barista is hard work. With the really early morning starts, it gets tiring being on your feet all day.


Waiter: If you like delicious food but weren’t fortunate enough to pick up the skills of being a gourmet chef, waiting is for you! Waiting is the perfect career for anyone who loves to be around people, bring people together and connect over delicious food. You never have to take the stress of work home with you, you get flexible hours, and the majority of the time your earnings quickly rise when you’re given some extra cash as tips. But we’ll be honest with you, waiting is a tough gig and you’ll have to develop some thick skin because you’re going to get your fair share of rude customers. But with the support of your colleagues, you’ll soon learn to laugh off the rude comments or demands any customer may give you.


Bar Attendant or Mixologist: If you love having a chat and enjoy the wildness that any nightlife brings, a bar attendant career will be perfect for you! Being a bar attendant requires you to work late hours but it also allows you to be a social butterfly. Get creative with drinks and flavours and make your way to becoming a mixologist – a person who is skilled at mixing cocktails and other drinks. If you love playing with different flavours mixology is your true calling!



Hotel General Manager: If you have the travel bug and want to get paid to see the world, or if you love responsibility, organising, and being a leader, a career as a hotel general manager is a great fit for you. Other than putting your management skills to the test, a profession as a Hotel General Manager can earn large amounts of money and can give your many opportunities to take you to different locations all over the world.


Concierge: Being a concierge is a great career path if you have a can-do attitude, and love to give and help people. Being a concierge is not just about carrying bags to and from guest’s hotel rooms. A concierge is the one in the know in every situation as guests will turn to them first when they need something to enhance the enjoyment of their stay.


Event Manager / Planner: Many hotels and resorts have conference rooms or event spaces that they often rent out for various events, ranging from meetings to weddings to holiday parties. An event planner works with the company, or individual, to arrange the event and then ensures the event runs smoothly. If you love a good party and have excellent organisational skills, a job as an event planner is the one for you.


Cruise Ship Host: Travel the seven seas and get paid for it! If you love to entertain and make people laugh, becoming a cruise ship host is a great career move. As well as travelling to great destinations all over the world, you will soon become close friends with other employees and guests on the ships that can turn into lifelong friendships. However, if you’re prone to seasickness or get sea legs – maybe stick to a career on solid land.

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