How Digital Signatures benefit our students

Work Skills has a commitment to provide our workplace training to all Queenslanders – rural areas included. This doesn’t come without challenges. There exists mandatory documentation that must be read and agreed to by students and their employers as they commence and complete stages of their training. Digital signatures allow us to easily handle this paperwork for students, no matter where they are based.


Digital signature technology creates legally binding signatures without ever having to use a pen. These are typically created through websites such as PleaseSign. By collecting information such as the IP address, geolocation, time and date, digital signatures are recognised legally by law, just as conventional pen and paper wet signatures. Today, digital signatures are becoming commonplace as more and more businesses adopt their usage.




Once a student has decided to get qualified with Work Skills – all it takes is to sign the necessary documents online through PleaseSign and they are in the system within hours. Each time one of our students completes a unit they are assigned a competency agreement sheet generated by their trainer. The document is sent through PleaseSign to the student, their employer and any others who are required to sign off on it.
Students are able to easily read and sign the document from their web browser, without having to schedule a new appointment just to sign some paper.
Using PleaseSign works particularly well for us as it cuts down on the processing of paperwork Рletting us spend more time with our students. PleaseSign works seamlessly with our existing learning delivery system WOLAS, documents signed by the student is automatically tracked on their file.

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