Monthly Archives: November 2018

Learning to cook in the classroom

Bradley Byrne has been the Hospitality teacher for St Eugene College where they “dare to grow in faith, hope and love” for 10 years and has been collaborating with Work Skills to provide the best in-class educational experience for his … Read More

The engaging way to upskill staff

Amanda Dipple makes sure that everyone has the best of the best when it comes to meals at Tricare Sunnybank Hills, especially now that Amanda has recently completed her Certificate III in Commercial Cookery with us at Work Skills. TriCare … Read More

Young Veterans at Redland

“Young Veterans at Redland” is the vision of Adrian Aiple who was inspired to start this new initiative after a mate he served with in Iraq started a similar program in Victoria. VETERANS GETTING QUALIFIED Young Veterans at Redland plans … Read More

In-house hands on training

Sometimes in the modern world of knife-less kitchens and premade sauce packets, it can be difficult for the new generation of apprentices to get the practical experience they need to thrive. For that reason, Work Skills hosted our first hands-on … Read More

How to make money without a university degree

Going to university isn’t for everyone, and that’s OK. Spending thousands of dollars on a degree and upwards of three years studying can be a tough commitment and one that doesn’t suit many people’s lifestyles. If you would prefer to … Read More

What is a career as a mechanic like?

It’s not all grease stains and oil cloths, that’s for sure! Many people see a career as a mechanic as unglamorous. But your job doesn’t need to have glitz and glamour to make it interesting, varied and fun! And a … Read More

How to make more money in the Australian media industry

Do you work in the Australian media industry? Perhaps you’re a freelancer, or you’re part of a team at a radio station, television channel, newspaper or advertisement agency. Whatever the case, you’re going to need to possess killer content creation … Read More

Specialisations in the hospitality industry

Ever dreamed of becoming an award-winning chef? A hotel manager? The host of a themed restaurant? The hospitality sector is one of the largest providers of job opportunities in the world. Many people associate jobs in hospitality with flipping burger … Read More

Best courses for Australian mechanics

Becoming a mechanic requires specific training that involves both hands-on experience and theory-based study. And a good dose of enthusiasm, to boot! It can be tricky, however, to find a course in automotive repairs which is flexible enough to work … Read More

How to become a mechanic

If you’re a regular grease monkey, and love nothing more than tinkering with your car on the weekends, you might consider a career as an automotive mechanic. But there’s a bit more to landing a job as a mechanic than … Read More